In modern times, the sportswear market is saturated with a vast range of clothing items for every type of sports activity and environment. It can therefore be natural to get overwhelmed when trying to choose what fabric is best for sportswear embroidery projects.

While choosing custom sports clothing, the type of material should be one of the most important factors to consider – as the look and feel of the product can produce wildly different results.

So, what are we looking for in high performance sports apparel? Take a look at some of the biggest considerations:

  • Design – When choosing material to use for embroidery, its ability to hold the embroidered stitching is a key factor. As without that, certain designs cannot be achieved. In addition, sportswear doubles as a fashion statement, especially in this age of sports branding – so what can be achieved in looks and aesthetic with a material is a huge consideration.
  • Comfort – when you’re exercising, the last thing you want is your clothing to feel uncomfortable. It distracts you and takes you out of the zone. You want something soft but also malleable and stretch resistant so you have full mobility when taking part in strenuous activity.
  • Weight and Durability – functional clothing has to be hard-wearing as the material is put under significant stress during exercise and sporting activities. The weight of the clothing is also extremely important as in many sports every ounce you unnecessarily wear robs you of energy and worsens performance and results. 
  • Moisture Regulation – Functional sportswear must be breathable to transport moisture like sweat from the body to the outside of the material without issue. If the clothing doesn’t do this, anyone wearing it will quickly become too hot or too cold, which can cause injury like muscle strain and cramps.
  • Protection against the Elements – This has become a much more important feature as materials have become available that are waterproof and wind resistant. In some climates, this must be close to the top of the list as the conditions are hazardous without protection.
  • Price – Of course, the price of the material is always going to be paramount. If something costs much more than its rivals it has to perform much better or have a unique selling point that makes it more attractive to create sportswear with. Especially in today’s buyers economy where consumers have all the power and profits are constantly being squeezed.