Clothing that carries your totem is a important way to announce.
In an period of specialisation, REXDON SPORTS knows embroidery. We use state of the art outfit to assure quality andaccuracy.REXDON SPORTS garment and totem contrivers exceed all prospects; they're the stylish, a platoon committed to creating product of unmatched quality. Through fabric selection, design, product and totem treatment, every detail is handled and nearly covered to make our garments the classics in your wardrobe.

Our on- point embroidery operation has the capacity to produce in excess of units of totem íd product per month. We operate 24hours a day, 7days a week. Networking between embroidery machines allows drivers to download and record jobs from the design database.

Our digitisers will directly reproduce commercial colours, co-ordinate your ensigns with the fabric and trims of the product or suggest the subtle effect of tone on tone.
REXDON SPORTS specialises in maximising the impact of your exaggerated totem. Details similar as colour coordinating your totem to each garment insure a finished product which is alternate to none.

REXDON SPORTS specialises in superior embroidery ways and design
REXDON SPORTS will directly reproduce commercial colours, colour coordinate your guests ensigns with the fabric and trim of a product or suggest the subtle effect of tone on tone. Colour coordinating your guests totem means their totem will look like it belongs on each garment ordered. REXDON SPORTS sex-stock situation and the colour coordinating installation means your client will have quality garments that look like they've been tête-à-tête created for them.

To further enhance your profile, let our contrivers produce a unique identity. In every case you'll have a superbly finished product to enhance your image.